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Businessman (consultant, coach, leader, CEO or another business person) offer key to succe
Businessman (consultant, coach, leader, CEO or another business person) offer key to succe
KTI Logistics offers coast to coast logistics solutions! Join the family.


Let us give you the KEY to Success



Agent Opportunities and Success

KTI Logistics LLC is here to help provide our agents with their transportation goals from the comfort of their own home. We have a timeless family experience in the logistics industry and cannot wait for you to join us. With access to a large variety of in-house approved and preferred transportation providers, competitive pricing and innovative technology, we're certain that your next step is with us.  

KTI Logistics offers efficent  transportation solutions

Prioritizing Efficiency

Our unwavering dedication is to support our loyal agents at every juncture by offering essential services that cater to all their needs. If you're skeptical, take a look at the testimonials shared below to gain insight into the journey and progress of agents who have become a part of our family. We are continuously broadening our service horizons, so if you have any specific requirements that we do not presently offer, we welcome your valuable feedback.

Operations, paperwork, customer credit, and FHWA Authority at KTI Logistics

 Testimonials from our Agents!

Est. Since 2006

Jason Hanson 
KTI Dedicated Agent

“I’ve been an agent with KTI Logistics since 2006. The experience has been top notch & my customers have been happy with their experience as well.”

KTI Logistics has earned the respect of both carriers and customers in the transportation industry, due to their bedrock Christian principles. Supporting various programs and ministries is a way to show that you can be a thriving organization and still help society at the same time.

Est. Since 2020 

Demond Kennedy 
KTI Dedicated Agent


(770) 382-6455


FAX: (770) 382-2297



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